Tattoo Tips

1. Can I take a bath, bath, rub, or swim after getting a tattoo?

After the tattoo, you can take a normal bath, but you can't take a bath (at least half a month later). You should wait for at least 1 to 2 months (depending on the thickness of the skin) after the tattoo is fully recovered.

2. Acne and skin with some pimples can tattoo or affect it?

You can get a tattoo, these little problems have no effect on the tattoo.

3. The hair is strong, can it be shed before tattooing?

Hair removal is generally divided into manual shaving and laser hair removal.
Generally speaking, there are no problems with manual shaving. However, the more effective laser leg hair can not be done after the tattoo. If you want laser leg hair, get it done before tattooing.

4. What should I do if the skin feels very dry and itchy when the tattoo is restored?

If you are particularly dry, you can apply some moisturizing cream. Even if it is very itchy, do not scratch or scratch the tattooed place, which will easily affect the recovery.

5. How painful is a tattoo?

Whether a tattoo hurts or not depends on the individual. Some people are in pain and want to die, but when some people talk about the pain of tattoos, the whole screen is filled with disgust for the pain of tattoos. As for how painful a tattoo is, it depends on your own personal experience. And according to the different parts of the tattoo, the pain level is also different.
If you are afraid of pain, you can choose TKTX painless tattoo cream to bring you a beautiful tattoo experience.

6. Are tattoos allergic?

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